Only ranting, just scroll past

I need an outlet, my dear followers pay no heed I just need a place to set some weight off my shoulders.

Sometimes I just want to crawl in a corner and never come back out. I know, I guess that’s ridiculous, I can’t stay there forever, though I would enjoy it most.
No one can talk to you and you don’t have to look at anyone.
You don’t have to face the judgements of people. You don’t have to cower any lower when you feel belittled.
You’re left alone in the corner, only with silence and the blank wall. There are no expectations. The wall doesn’t care what you do, what your achievements are, where you are supposed to be, what you look or sound like. The wall doesn’t care if you’re nervous and falling apart and dying inside. The wall doesn’t care if you sob and want to be alone. The wall is unassuming, unbiased. The wall doesn’t speak, and yet it comforts.
The wall doesn’t care.
Of course it doesn’t, it’s a wall.
But that’s alright, I think I could use a little corner, because I think that would be better than this.